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Tay Jin Dong
62 years old

I’ve taken six security courses at KnowledgeTree and have received the WSQ Certificate in Security Operation. The courses here are accommodating to my needs and work schedule. Everything covered in the courses are thorough and practical; I am able to use what I learn at work.

Sentosa Leisure Group

On behalf of Sentosa Rangers, we would like to express our appreciation for KnowledgeTree’s speedy arrangements to have our staff trained in the WSQ module “Security Screening of Persons and Bag”. Their staff went the extra mile to accommodate us and enabled us to send our staff for training without compromising our daily operations. The trainer’s dedication and passion was evident in the effort and patience he exhibited during training sessions and facilitation of the course.

Our expectations of value added quality training was met, and we hope to have future engagements with KnowledgeTree Training Centre.

Martin Kelias
57 Years Old

I have taken 5 courses and I have no complaints. The course is easy to study, and the trainings are easy to follow. The trainers don’t pressure you, and the staff are helpful. I really enjoy myself at KnowledgeTree.

Kalithassan s/o Vyapathy
29 years old

I’ve been to several courses and I find them very flexible. The teaching style used is suitable for anyone, and the trainers know how to boost everyone’s confidence. They truly go the extra mile.