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PLRD & Licensing and Regulations

Licensing and Grading Requirements

Under the Private Security Industry Act (PSIA), to become a security officer or hold any other designation employed to carry out security related functions by an employer in Singapore, a person must undergo training and be certified ‘competent’ while apply for their private security license.

KnowledgeTree is one of the training centres that offer WSQ Enhanced Basic Security Course that consists of two modules. In the recent years, the industry has seen a rise in standards. More specialised training is being made compulsory by the PLRD which handles licensing regimes for the private security sector. As of March 2013, three courses have been made compulsory for their respective areas.

WSQ Conduct Security Screening of Person and Bag and WSQ Conduct Security Screening Using X-Ray Machine courses will be compulsory for security personnel whose deployment involves the respective screening activities.

The WSQ Handle Counter-Terrorism Activities course will also be compulsory for security personnel that are deployed at any protected area or protected place within the meaning of the Protected Areas and Protected Places Act (Cap 256).

Malaysians must apply for the Certificate of Good Conduct in order to eligible to apply for a private security license.

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