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Our Approach & Philosophy

KnowledgeTree believes in playing a part in not just the development of skills and knowledge of our trainees but also their career development in the security industry. This is done through our 4-step process, and our career guidance and alumni networking services.

We believe that the growth in the security industry in Singapore provides huge potential for individuals who are eyeing a career opportunity or a change in their current career. KnowledgeTree is motivated to facilitate the process. Click here to see testimonials from previous trainees and our corporate partners

KnowledgeTree 4-step Process

As a new entrant interested in building a career in the security industry, a KnowledgeTree trainee will go through the following 4-step process when you enrol for courses at the centre.

Security Personnel who are also looking towards advancement in their career are also welcomed to upgrade their skills and knowledge by taking higher-level courses (up to the WSQ certificate level). We can then give you career guidance based on the kind of courses you have taken with us



To start off, a KnowledgeTree trainee will have to take and pass all the modules included in the WSQ Enhanced Basic Security Course to receive a security license.


Once you have received your security license, you are now ready to begin work as a security officer. KnowledgeTree will help you secure employment through is career services.


As a security officer, there are many options to upgrade your skills KnowledgeTree offers a wide range of higher level courses.


KnowledgeTree Career Services will then advise you on how to advance your career in the security industry.

Our Training Philosophy

We believe our philosophy is a unique one in security training in Our training approach is personalised in that it takes into account the learning ability and style of each trainee. We are also prepared to provide customised training times for trainees whose time commitment do not allow them to attend the scheduled classes.

For trainees who genuinely need more time to complete the course, KnowledgeTree trainers are prepared to spend additional time beyond the requisite WDA course training hours to ensure the trainee understands and is able to apply what he/she has learnt in the course content and is adequately prepared to take the assessment. KnowledgeTree does not charge for these additional training hours.