SFw Deterrence [PAPP]

SFw Deterrence [PAPP] CRS-Q-0039377-SEC

SFw Deterrence (Perform Security Duties at Protected Areas and Protected Places)

This module will equip security personnel who are working at protected areas and protected places with the knowledge and abilities to deal with unauthorised individuals that have entered such premises.


Upon successful completion of the module, learners will be able to:

  • Follow organisational procedures in accordance to visitor entry to protected areas and protected places.
  • Be able to refuse entry to unauthorised people in the correct manner.
  • Identify suspicious people at protected areas and protected places and respond according to organisational procedures
  • Be able to request for identification, direct unauthorised individuals to leave the premises and inspect belongings and vehicles.

Course Syllabus

  • Manage visitor entry to protected areas and protected places in accordance to regulatory requirements effectively
  • Recognise people who are behaving suspiciously at protected areas and protected places accurately and to respond to suspicious behaviour accordingly
  • Instruct unauthorised individuals to leave the premises by issuing a move-on order and to deal with individuals who refuse to leave a premise appropriately
  • Stop intelligence gathering activities and to seize intelligence gathering equipment from individuals effectively


Assessment will be conducted by an independent assessor (examiner) from *POLWEL (*Police Welfare Co-operative)

Assessment format : Role-Play and Oral Questions

Assessment duration: 1.5 hours

Training Duration

  • 21.5 hours
  • 2.5 Training Days + 0.5 Day for Assessment

Entry Requirements

  • Learner must be above the age of 16
  • Primary school education
  • Candidates must meet the required workplace literacy and numeracy level
    • Read, write and speak English at a proficiency level equivalent or exceeding ES WSQ Level 4.
  • Candidates should possess the relevant assumed skills and knowledge (Security related). If not, candidate is required to complete the WSQ 103C Provide Guard and Patrol Services, WSQ 102C Handle Security Incidents and Services and SFw Threat Observation (Recognise Terrorist Threats) modules before taking this module.