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Operate Basic Security Equipment [OBSE]

Operate Basic Security Equipment [OBSE] CRS-Q-0038152-SEC

Access Control Management (Operate Basic Security Equipment), formerly known as WSQ 114E Operate Basic Security Equipment, provides individuals with the skills and knowledge to handle security equipment such as CCTV, access control and alarm systems.


Trainees who have gone through this course will successfully be able to:

  • Use CCTV systems to investigate previous recordings of incidents
  • Authorising access using access control to various parties according to the level of restriction
  • How to react when an alarm system rings

Course Syllabus

  • CE 1: Operate access control equipment
  • CE 2: Operate alarm monitoring equipment
  • CE 3: Operate CCTV monitoring equipment


  • Conducted by Polwel
  • Role & Oral Questions
  • Within 30 mins to 90 mins

Training Duration

2 training days + 1