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Manage Disorderly Conduct and Threatening Behaviour [MDCTB]

Manage Disorderly Conduct and Threatening Behaviour [MDCTB] CRS-Q-0037651-SEC

Deterrence (Manage Disorderly Conduct & Threatening Behavior), formerly known as WSQ 108E Manage Disorderly Conduct and Threatening Behaviour, provides learners with the knowledge and skills of dealing with people that show signs of being threatening or displaying a behaviour that is not appropriate.


Trainees that have sucessfully completed this module will be able to:

  • Determine areas that are may be susceptible to aggressive or threatening behaviour at their workplace
  • Approach individuals that are aggressive or threatening
  • Handle cases that involves aggressive or threatening individuals such as visitor disputes or conflicts 

Course Syllabus

  • Prepare for Work Activities 
  • Deter threatening behaviour through visible security presence.
  • Deal with disorderly/threatening behaviour.


  • Assessment will be conducted by an independent assessor (examiner) from *POLWEL (*Police Welfare Co-operative)
  • Assessment format : Role Play and Role Questions
  • Assessment duration : 30mins - 1 hour

Training Duration

  • 2 training days + 1
  • Standard Course Timing: 0830hrs to 1730hrs (Monday to Friday)

Entry Requirements

  • No pre-entry qualifications required
  • Trainee must be able to speak and write simple English as the courses are conducted in English