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Conduct Security Screening and Search of Vehicles [CSSSV]

Conduct Security Screening and Search of Vehicles [CSSSV] CRS-Q-0040173-SEC

This module aims to provide learners with the relevant skills and knowledge to ensure that security officers are able to perform a thorough vehicle check to ensure the vehicle is clear of any prohibited or dangerous items.


Upon successful completion of the module, learners will be able to:

  • Prepare area setup at work site to conduct a security screening and search of vehicle.
  • Perform a verification check on a vehicle in accordance to site specific procedures.
  • Perform a thorough vehicle search in the correct manner.
  • Respond to security situations while conducting a vehicle search.
  • Assist with law enforcement officers after dealing with incidents.

Course Syllabus

  1. Prepare for Security Screening on Vehicle
  2. Perform Security Screening and Search on Vehicle
  3. Handle Security Incidents while Performing Vehicle Screening
  4. Conclude Security Screening Activities


Assessment will be conducted by an independent assessor (examiner) from *POLWEL (*Police Welfare Co-operative)

Assessment format : Role-Play and Oral Questions

Assessment duration: 2 hours

Training Duration

  • 18 Hours
  • 2 Training Days + 1