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Induct Security Personnel [ISP]

Induct Security Personnel [ISP] CRS-Q-0037650-SEC

Capability Development (Induct Security Personnel), formerly known as WSQ 305C Induct Security Personnel, provides individuals with the skills and knowledge to conduct an induction programme for their security officers at their workplace.

This is one of the modules that individuals can take to become a Security Supervisor based on the Progressive Wage Model (PWM)



Trainees that complete this will be able to:

  • Prepare a OJT induction programme based on the client's requirements
  • Incorporate security officers jobscope for the various job roles at their workplace
  • Train security officers to be able perform their job scope effectively

Course Syllabus

  • CE 1: Prepare to induct security officer
  • CE 2: Conduct induction on access control
  • CE 3: Conduct induction on patrolling
  • CE 4: Conduct induction on security and alarm systems
  • CE 5: Conduct induction on reception duties


Case Study: 20 mins

Role Play & Oral Questioning: 60 mins

Assessment is conducted by KnowledgeTree Training Centre 

Training Duration

3 Training Days + 1