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WSQ Enhanced Basic Security Course

(Security Licence Course Modules)


1) WSQ SE-SO-103-0 Provide Guard and Patrol Services   

    (SkillsConnect Course Ref: CRS-Q-0004944-SE)


2) WSQ SE-SO-102-1 Handle Security Incidents and Services.   

    (SkillsConnect Course Ref: CRS-Q-00019991-SE)


General Information

Under the Private Security Industry Act (PSIA), any person employed as a Security Officer (Security Guard) or holding any other designation employed to carryout security related functions by an employer in Singapore must undergo training in both modules and be certified competent in both the modules. Exemption from this requirement may be granted by Singapore Police Force, "Police Licensing and Regulatory Department (PLRD)" the successor to "Security Industry Regulatory Department (SIRD)" based on the individual’s previous professional training in Security and Policing concepts and activities. To know more about Security Officer Licensing requirements, exemptions and to apply for a licence to be a Security Officer click on the icon heading "Police Licensing Computerised System".


Note: Currently under Singapore Laws, only Singapore Citizens, persons holding Singapore Permanent Resident status, and *Malaysian citizens with “Certificate of Good Conduct” issued by their Malaysian Government, and have a permit issued by the Singapore Government to be employed in Singapore, and have under gone training and have attainted competency certification in WSQ modules Provide Guard and Patrol Services and Handle Security Incidents and Services can be employed as Security Officers in Singapore.

*Malaysians for information on how to apply for the “Certificate of Good Conduct” please click here> 

Course Overview

Under the Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications ( WSQ) framework, the Enhanced Basic Security Course consists of two modules, Provide Guard and Patrol Services and Handle Security Incidents and Services. Upon completion of both modules a structured examination using role plays and questions and answers (assessment) will be conducted by an independent assessor (examiner) from *POLWEL (*Police Welfare Co-operative). Learners attending the courses may opt to be assessed upon completion of each module or upon completion of both modules. A written Statement of Attainment (SOA) will be issued by the assessor to the Learner immediately at the end of the assessment stating either the Learner is competent or not yet competent. For Learners found to be competent, at a later date, WDA will issue a printed certificate sent to Learners through the Authorized Training Organization (ATO) and or Learner's sponsor.

Course Syllabus

WSQ Handle Security Incidents and Services:

  1. Containing incidents of damage to facilities and equipment
  2. Handling fire-related incidents
  3. Handling crime-related incidents
  4. Handling medical or first-aid related incidents
  5. Handling bomb or IED (Improvised Explosive Device) threat incidents
  6. Searching, apprehending and arresting suspect
  7. Giving evidence in court

WSQ Provide Guard and Patrol Services:

  1. Preparing work activities
  2. Guarding static position
  3. Handling telephone calls and lost-and-found properties
  4. Patrolling premises
  5. Making reports and hand over duties

Training Duration:

For both modules combined, Workforce Development Agency (WDA) requires a minimum of 40.5 hours of training to be carried out over a minimum of 5 working days.

Our Training methodology and ideology is to coach and guide our Learners to pass WSQ security course modules. In line with this concept, for slow learners and learners with a weak command of the English Language, training duration may be extended beyond Official Training duration (minimum WDA required training hours). For these slow learners, we will continue their training beyond the minimum WDA required training hours till they are able to achieve the competency standard required to pass; and we DO NOT charge extra for the extended training duration.

Upon successful completion of training, an Assessment by an independent assessor from POLWEL will be carried out. Assessment duration for WSQ Provide Guard and Patrol Services (SE-SO-103-0) is 2 hours. Assessment duration for WSQ Handle Security Incidents and Services (SE-SO-102-1) is 2 hours and 5 minutes. (Combined total: 4 hours and 5 minutes). Learners can opt to be assessed for both modules concurrently or each module separately, upon completion of each module.

Standard Course Timing: 0830hrs to 1730hrs (Monday to Friday). For tailored flexible course timing, please contact us to discuss your needs and we will be happy to explore ways to accommodate. Our mission is to provide creative and flexible learning without compromising quality.

Entry Requirements:

Under WSQ framework, WSQ courses are seamless that do not require pre-entry qualifications. But, as the courses and assessments are conducted in English, the Learner should be able to speak and write simple English.

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